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Naga Elephant Hide Shield NL 61

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Naga warrior shield. Elephant hide. Early 20th, design probably added more recently. Description from Michael Auliso of Tribalmania in 2002 - "A scarce turn of the century Buffalo hide "head-takers" shield, decorated with a central stylized "Bull" face, framed by three bands of horizontal lines. The Bull Mithan was a very important animal and source of food for the Naga so it is not surprising that its likeness appears in their art. It retains about 85% of its white chalk paint and has a semi-encrusted patina turning to red. The fiber handle is attached to four pierced loops, two of which comprise the eyes on the face, which greatly adds dimension and realism. There is an old 5 inch native stitched repair on the right side possibly caused from deflecting a blow. A unique shield considering the common painted geometric motifs.
Dimensions: Length 38 1/4" (97 cm) Width 15.5" (39.5 cm)"

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